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Roofs can often times be covered in moss and start to look dark and ugly. Cleaning a roof is something that most home owners are scared to do and rightfully so since doing the job incorrectly can cost thousands of dollars in roof replacement and even worse, there is a high risk of falling. Anytime you mix soapy water with a steep pitched roof and a ladder you are really asking for trouble. The dangers and especially the risk associated with roof cleaning are far greater than what you save by attempting to do this type of exterior cleaning on your own.

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Roof cleaning is better known in the pressure washing industry as soft washing. Other terms include low pressure washing and no pressure washing. No matter which term you like to use, the end result is a clean roof that hasn’t been damaged from high pressure equipment like a power washer. Soft washing is the most common because it best describes the cleaning process used to clean shingles and other types of roofing and siding.

Soft Wash Roof Restoration - Roof Cleaning Service

Our subsidiary company SoftWash Roof Restoration specializes is in roof cleaning. We use a patented eco-friendly and pet-friendly roof cleaning solution to GENTLY WASH away the nasty algae and mold stains to restore your commercial or residential roof and siding to it’s original beauty. No more ugly roof stains, algae, moss or mold! Safe for slate, terracotta, metal and asphalt shingles roofs. Why replace your otherwise perfectly  good roof when you can bring it back to life with a Soft Wash Roof Restoration.

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One of the most common roof systems that need to be cleaned on a regular basis is the shingle roof. It may surprise you to know how many roofs get replaced each year based on the looks of the shingles and all that was required was a good cleaning.

The main cause behind this is roofing contractors would rather tell a potential client that their roof needs replacing instead of telling them that the roof just needs cleaning. The fact that home owners are reluctant when it comes to spending money on cleaning shingles if there is no guarantee that the roof will look and perform like new afterwards. And yes, I did say shingles since that is the most common type of residential roof system.

Cleaning shingle roofs can cause all sorts of problems for home owners if done improperly. When cleaning a roof, you do not use high pressure to remove black streaks caused by algae. You instead use very low pressure called soft washing and in some cases, no pressure cleaning is the correct method. Choosing which technique is where experience comes in. You have to know how to look at a roof and determine which method suits the situation best in order to avoid causing damage to the shingles.

Roof Cleaning - Soft Wash Roof Restoration

So now that you know the lingo, you should think about what cleaners need to be used when cleaning roofs. This is an important step to successfully cleaning a roof without causing damage to the shingles or other parts of your home like the siding or even the landscaping around your home. Professional roof cleaning products will satisfy those needs and don’t require high pressure to get a roof clean. With the proper cleaners and knowledge about soft washing, a roof can be cleaned safely with no pressure.

Now that you have some information of how and what is involved in cleaning roofs, do you still think this is a do-it-yourself project? My guess is no. That is unless you are capable of walking roofs and know how to perform the work safely to avoid damage to your roof and injury to yourself.